British tourist saved from attack by stray dog, later returns to Greece and adopts him

Ms Bradley poses with Pepper after adopting her. Source: Facebook
Ms Bradley poses with Pepper after adopting her. Source: Facebook

A 25-year old British tourist on holiday in Greece has made headlines after a remarkable tale involving an scary encounter that could have left her seriously injured – or worse.

Georgia Bradley, a British university student who was holidaying on the idyllic Greek island of Crete with her boyfriend, told journalists that she was relaxing on the beach by herself while her boyfriend was at a nearby cafe.

Ms Bradley was allegedly approached by a pair of men who she did not know, who began to harass her. She refused their repeated requests to ‘join them for a drink’, and reportedly became violent and aggressive towards her.

Stuck in a tricky situation, Ms Bradley feared for her safety, and the men showed no signs of leaving her alone. It was at this moment that she began to panic. “One of them grabbed me on the arm and I didn’t know what was going to happen,” she told journalists. “I was on my own and it was a very scary and difficult situation.”

Fearing for her life, Ms Bradley was shocked when an unexpected savior appeared from nowhere. A small black dog suddenly ran up to the group, and began barking loudly, attracting the attention of other beachgoers and ultimately prompting the aggressive men to depart.

Still shaken by the event, Ms Bradley rushed back to the apartment that she and her boyfriend were renting, accompanied all the way by the dog.

For the rest of their holiday on the island, Ms Bradley saw the dog – who she named Pepper – several more times. She told journalists that she came to the conclusion that Pepper was a stray after seeing her frequently wandering the island alone.

Before returning home to Cornwall, Ms Bradley attempted to take Pepper to an animal shelter – but they refused to accept her as they were already over capacity. It was a heartbreaking moment when Ms Bradley had to leave Crete, as Pepper chased after the taxi that she caught to the airport.

Once back in the UK, Ms Bradley told of her regret at having to leave Pepper behind, and her desire to return to Crete to try and adopt her. “When I got home I couldn’t stop thinking about her so I took the soonest flight back out that I could, which was two weeks later.”

Arriving back at Crete, Ms Bradley was initially disappointed that Pepper was nowhere to be found. However, she was determined not to give up on the little dog who had come to her rescue, and she spent five weeks exploring the island and trying to find her.

Remarkably, Ms Bradley would eventually find Pepper on the exact same beach where the pair had initially met. After confirming with the local authorities that Pepper was definitely a stray and had no registered owner, Ms Bradley completed the necessary paperwork to adopt her and bring her home to the UK.

While the exact cost of the whole process was not revealed, it is believed to have been over several thousand pounds. Pepper was required to be microchipped, receive vaccinations and then spend 21 days in quarantine upon arrival in Britain.

Despite this, Ms Bradley maintains that it was all worth it for the little dog who came to her aid. “It has been such a crazy journey, but I am over the moon. Pepper has settled in brilliantly,” she said. There was one final bit of good news as well: just one week after arriving in the UK, Pepper gave birth to six healthy puppies. “I hope they all grow up to be just as courageous as their mother.”