Sacramento Police investigate woman ‘carrying human skull on stick’

A skull poses in this unrelated file photo. Source: Facebook
A skull poses in this unrelated file photo. Source: Facebook

According to reports by local media outlets, a woman in Sacramento has been investigated by police after it is alleged she was spotted by members of the public ‘[carrying] a human skull on a stick through the streets’. Authorities are trying to establish the identity of the victim and the cause of death.

Officers responded to the incident on Connie Drive after members of the public called the authorities to report a ‘woman walking down the street with a skull on a stick’.

After being questioned by the first respondents, the woman ‘led them to a nearby abandoned homeless shelter’ where she claimed to have located the skull. Shortly after that, a decomposed body was discovered in the lot.

The local police department investigating the matter stated: “Detectives have not released the name of the woman who was in possession of the skull and she has not been charged with anything at this time.”

At this point, it remains to be confirmed if foul play was involved, and as such, the authorities are waiting for a full report to be issued by the local coroner. Until then, the mystery of the ‘skull on a stick’ continues to haunt residents nearby. “It’s just not cool,” said one local man, who refused to be named. “I think she might have been up to witchcraft of some bad juju.”