Saskatchewan man jailed after ‘filling wheelbarrow with stolen potato chips’

File photo of a collection of wheelbarrows. Source: Facebook
File photo of a collection of wheelbarrows. Source: Facebook

A man from Regina, Saskatchewan has received a jail sentence after he placed large boxes of stolen potato chips in a wheelbarrow and rolled them back to his home.

The 54-year old, Wayne Robert Curle, committed the crime on August 17 of this year, but so far there has been no explanation for what made the man steal the chips.

According to local media reports, Curle was caught on camera at a warehouse taking the chips from the truck and filling them into a wheelbarrow, before returning to his home with the stolen goods. Police were summoned, and reportedly ‘found chips all over the residence’.

In addition to the stolen snacks, Curle also faced unrelated mischief and shoplifting charges when he fronted court. Curle’s shoplifting offence allegedly occurred at a local department store, where he stole earrings.Curle was also busted by police after he was found by a landlord inside an apartment building suite. When challenged, Curle claimed he had been living at the property and paying rent, but the landlord denied this.

Social media users across Canada have responded to Curle’s crime with a number of witty comments. “When the chips are down and the jig is up,” wrote on user, while another added: “Pass the dip!”

Curle will now face a sentence of six months for his various offences, less time already served while being held in remand. On a positive note, the prison where he will serve his time apparently has a shop where inmates can purchase potato chips, if they wish.