Toronto man accused of ‘throwing pet beagle from 7th floor’

A Beagle poses in a file photo. Source: Facebook
A Beagle poses in a file photo. Source: Facebook

Toronto police were called to an apartment building in the city’s east end after reports that a beagle had been thrown from a seventh floor balcony. Upon arriving, a 25 year old male has been charged with willfully causing unnecessary suffering to an animal and killing of a dog.

The beagle reportedly had broken limbs from the fall, but was reported to ‘have still been breathing’ at the time the emergency services were summoned to the property. However, after their arrival on the scene, the dog was declared dead.

The accused man has been scheduled to appear in court. One witness who saw the dog spoke to local media, expressing her shock at the discovery of the injured animal. “It’s just sad that someone would do something like this,” she told reporters. “If you don’t want a pet anymore, take it to a shelter, but don’t throw it off your balcony.”

Social media has exploded in a chorus of condemnation after the news broke, with dog lovers throughout the world uniting in their criticism of the man’s actions. “People like this shouldn’t be allowed to own pets at all,” wrote one Facebook user from Brazil. “This news just absolutely breaks my heart. RIP little buddy,” wrote a Twitter user in Vietnam.