UK supermarket admits Ramadan bacon chips promo was ‘not ideal’

A selection of chips in a grocery store. Source: Facebook
A selection of chips in a grocery store. Source: Facebook

A Tesco store in the city has been called out for an unlikely promotional offer to celebrate Ramadan – bacon-flavored Pringles.

The Liverpool Street store received a lot of attention on social media with users making fun of the fact that the bacon snacks were placed in a promotional section meant for Ramandan-related products.

Under the Muslim faith, chomping on anything involved with pork is strictly prohibited, so a canister of ‘Smokey Bacon Pringles’ is perhaps not the best option for a Ramadan get together.

As it turns out, upon closer inspection the chips in question don’t actually contain any pork flavorings to get their taste, so in theory they are acceptable for Muslims.

That said, it’s unlikely bacon crisps are going to become popular during Ramadan anytime soon, and the retailer admitted the placement was not ideal, relocating them to a different part of the store.

Some users on social media could find humor in the incident. “It was just a mistake, no need to get all politically correct and punish the stock room lads who did this,” wrote a Facebook user from Jamaica.